1. Focused - Has the attitude and perseverance necessary to realize our dreams of running our own successful design company.​
  2. Passionate - Believes in our abilities and talents and making them work for her clients.
  3. ​Enthusiatic - Excited to learn new things and help people "solve" their design dilemmas.
  4. Committed - Dedicated to providing excellent customer service to our clients.
If you own a business, offer a service, specialize in a trade or want to get your name out there - We are the people you need to see.  Our knowledge and expertise is applicable to any field or project you may have.  Included among our many talents is that we can build an identity for your business or give an existing brand a makeover.  Some of the ways for us to do this are utilizing logo designs, signage, print and social media.

As a creative director for many years, Tonya opened her own company in 2010 in her home.  She has worked tirelessly over the years to build a name for herself and her work.  She has a large network of people, building connections everywhere she goes.  With a wide range of connections, we are able to connect you with someone you should know or connect someone who needs to know you!  Tonya has spent a lifetime building her brand through top tier project management, which will directly benefit all who encounter her.


A network of design professionals bringing their design ideas and creations together.  We are passionate, innovative, creative leaders who love to bring ideas to life.  We are the fortunate few who can honestly say that we do not not feel like we are working because we truly enjoys what we do.